2012 m. liepos 14 d., šeštadienis

Prom night

10 years ago, 13th of July, 2002 it was my prom night. The night I will stay in my memory for the rest of my life. People usually say "it was my first time..." and there are a number of those "first times". But the prom night was my "last time". It was the last time when I saw some of my friends, the last time when I saw some of my best teachers, the last time we all were together, danced together and sang together. There were a lot of "last times". The last glimpse of the love of my life as well.
However, it was the best night, and I re-live it every year all over again.
To celebrate the anniversary, I tried to find the most popular songs during the school year. So, let's start.
In 1991 the most popular song was Everything I do I do it for you by Bryan Adams. I think it still is my favourite song.

1992. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.

1993. I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston (R.I.P)

1994. All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow.

1995. Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio.

1996. Macarena by Los Del Rio.

1997. Candle in the Wind by Elton John.

1998. Ray of Light by Madonna.

1999. ... Baby One More Time by Britney Spears.

2000. Breathe by Faith Hill.

2001. Fallin' by Alicia Keys.

2002. How You Remind Me by Nickelback

Well, 12 years of happiness, joy, misery and disappointment but they were worth every second.

Ms. Magnifique

2012 m. liepos 12 d., ketvirtadienis


Yesterday was great day. We were watching movie Ice Age 4, spent time with our friends and had very tasty diner at China restaurant. I will show you few photos.

Crispy roast chichen with rise and vegetables

Tea "Blue Dragon Pears"
My favorite drink - Martini Rosato
Sincerely, Strange

2012 m. liepos 9 d., pirmadienis

Today's experiment

Today I cooked cabbage pan. It's really simple and delicious and ideal to eat for dinner.

Sincerely, Strange

2012 m. liepos 8 d., sekmadienis

When you don't want to sleep

Today was very hot, so I don't want to think about cooking. Now is about 1AM and I prepare something for tomorrow's lunch: chicken nuggets, little tomato and egg salad with mayonnaise sauce with garlic.

Good night

Sincerely, Strange

2012 m. birželio 26 d., antradienis

My Today's Lunch

   We too long didn't write here and now it's time to correct our mistakes :)
Today I want to show you my simple, but really delicious bento.
Tangerines and milky roll with cinnamon for dessert. Little sandwiches are two kinds: ones with bread, dark ham and radishes, the others with also dark ham, white bread, salads and mayonnaise.

   At my work I eat two times, so next dish will be grated strawberries with milk. I really love it, because it's my favorite summer meal!

Sincerely, Strange
P.S. My holidays are coming!

2012 m. kovo 24 d., šeštadienis


Už lango jau tikras pavasaris, tai benaršydama po per žiemą sukauptų nuotraukų krūvą, aptikau porą savo mėgstamiausių Bento patiekalų. Štai:
 Pica ir greipfrutai 

 Salotos su džiovintais pomidorais ir įvairiais riešutais

Paprastos vištienos salotos

Sincerely, Strange

2012 m. vasario 19 d., sekmadienis

Ledo skulptūros, Jelgava, Latvija 2012

Šiandien teko lankytis Jelgavoje ir pamatyti kokias grožybes iš  ledo gamina meistrai. Tarp geriausiųjų pateko ir mūsų šalies atstovai.

Sincerely, Strange